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On this page...

thoughts on animal care and concern

A huge part of what I consider "humanity" and "compassion" I feel also applies to the animals of this planet. All the animals that are either displaced due to our own over population or stray or hurt due to our own inability to monitor and responsibly maintain pets ARE our responsibility. This page encompasses two large issues

Animal Cruelty in the Meat and Pet Industry
Animal Shelters and Pet Support Groups and Information

I feel both are very important issues that we all need to work hand in hand to resolve.

Love Peace and Dye has recently joined the Etsy For Animals Group
This is a group of crafters who donate monthly to an animal charity as a group :) Love Peace and Dye will be donating through this group to their monthly charities, as well as supporting other small shelters in pennsylvania, as well as other places our travels take us :)
The EFA Blog~
Join us on Flickr~

Please take action in your own community to help shelters who are working "for the better good, which is good at it's best", to help animals live a better life INSPITE of us.

Love Peace and Dye's Donations

Since May 2008, Love Peace and Dye has been donating proceeds from our sales to the following animal organizations and charities :) It is so important to me to take active steps towards making this world a better place, and every hemp cat or dog collar or toy purchase, makes these donations possible :) Thanks for all your support and purchases!!

And Aside from the Pet industry, the Meat industry is another injustice to animals. This site will explain it all for you...

Informative Links!!

  • Here are some of the key sites for Iams Cruelty information (there are more however):
  • Companies that DO NOT test their dog food on animals:
  • For a Free Pocket Guide to companies that DO NOT test their products on animals:

Shelter For Shelters

My soon to be sister in-law living in Rhode Island is doing more than her share of the work to save all kinds of crazy critters in need of our love. Please check her out!
Helping Animal Shelters In Need

ShelterSwap Forum

Need Cat Litter Not Dog Bones???
Too Much Dog Food for a Cat Shelter???
Rabbit Doesn't Have Much Use For A Saddle???
All Types of Animal Groups from Mice to Horses
Then JOIN Here!!!

Make sure to add your NAME, CITY/STATE, and which SHELTER/RESCUE/SANCTUARY you are with on your profile.

This Month's Catwalk

Click Above
CatsWalk by Dr. Jean Hofve & Jackson Galaxy
Amazing information to anyone with a Kitty at home!

Animal Events

Animal Support

A new Pagan egroup has been created as a support network for anyone who has
lost a beloved animal companion. If your animal companion has transitioned
or been lost, this is a wonderful place to find comfort, share photos, and
discuss issues pertinent to Pagans, such as the afterlife, Pagan funeral
rites, and working with our companions after they have transitioned, and all
from a the many various Pagan perspectives. There are many wonderful online
resources for pet loss, but most cater to a Christian perspective where
grieving Pagans have difficulty discussing issues particular to our beliefs.
This can be very trying for Pagans during such a difficult time, when all we
need is a non-judgmental shoulder to cry on or the advice of other Pagans
who have gone through just such a difficult time.
Please pass this information on to anyone or any group where there might be
someone who could benefit from this type of support.

Animal Groups and Organizations

In Memory of Magic (IMOM) is dedicated to insuring that no companion
animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is
financially challenged.
PO Box 282
Cheltenham, MD 20623
Phone (866)-230-2164 Fax (301)-599-1852

United Animal Nations established the LifeLine fund in 1997 to aid
companion animals in times of life-threatening emergencies when their
caregivers, with low or no incomes, are unable to afford the entire
of treatment.
United Animal Nations

P.O. Box 188890
Sacramento, California 95818

Telephone: (916) 429 2457 fax: (916) 429 2456

Help-A-Pet is a nonprofit organization which provides financial
assistance for the medical care of pets whose owners are unable to
afford the expense
P. O. Box 244
Hinsdale, Illinois 60521
telephone: (630) 986-9504 fax: (630) 986-9141

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Programs provides financial
assistance for emergency medical care for cats.
1641 Elizabeth Lane
Yuba City, CA 95993
Fax: 888-301-4264

The Nantucket MSPCA offers a number of subsidy programs that provide
financial assistance to pet owners.

Special Needs cats

Cats in Crisis:

IMOM Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) Kitties Fund

Cats in Crisis Mesa Fund

Cats - Heart and Thyroid

Cats in Crisis Stripes Fund

Cats Ė Neurological conditions and mobility impairments

Cats in Crisis Gillie Fund

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