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Sustainable Living and Intentional Communities

Love Peace and DYE crew TiffyPop and corey were able to stay at a great Eco-Farm/Intentional Community while we were traveling through Florida. We were able to work as well as apply our craftiness to the farm during our short stay!! More pictures of that perhaps later in the day, but until then, some of the wildlife on the farm, and some information on Intentional Communities

An Intentional Community is a group of people who choose to live or work together in pursuit of a common idea or vision. Most share land or housing, and thier values may be social, economic, spiritual, political, or ecological. Most hold a common commitment to living cooperatively, solving problems non-violently, and sharing thier experience with others. All these loosely related communities have idealism in common --they were founded on a vision of living in a better way, usually in response to somthing lacking in broader culture. Most seek to satisfy security, family, relationship, fellowship, mutual cooperation, creativity, self expression, as well as a place of belonging. Community Members tend to NOT be satisfied with the status quo.
"Intentional communities are testing grounds for new ideas about hot to maintain more satisfying lives that enable people to actualize more of their untapped potential"
"No amount of theory, dogma, or peer pressure can eliminate the need for clarity of vision, openmindedness, personal integrity, good communication, compassion, spirit of coorperation, or Common Sense"
"If we're serious about creating a better world, we need to start with ourselves"

Geoph Kozeny

All Gleaned from Communities Directory

Recycling on the EcoFarm
Love Peace and Dye learned how to weave some adorable baskets out of this black irrigation material!!

From Laura B....
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okay people... due to my lack of time (where does it all go?!) I am uploading the outline of resources I have so far. They are very informative, but there is so much more out there! Not to mention the countless wonderful
periodicals available. I am open to any suggestions and information, please share what you know!

I will work on this as much as I can, but until then please make use of these websites! Oh, and there is a fun interactivity at the bottom I suggest you all give a shot. It will give you an idea of how much resources you use on a regular basis and how you can make your footprint on this
planet a little bit smaller! Horray for tiny feeties!!!!

Outline of what sustainable living encompasses and resources used:

A. Building structures

b. Building materials
ii. PVC free

B. Sustainable cleaning

a. Environmentally friendly products

C. Education options

a. Schools and degree programs
i. Maharishi University of Management B.S. in Environmental Science / Sustainable Living

D. Sustainable energy

a. Wind

E. Intentional communities
F. Land management
G. Waste management
H. Intelligent consumerism

b. resources for the consumer
c. influences behind ethical consumerism (sustainable living makes it easier to live with teenagers!)

I. our footprints

J. Interactivities, fun!

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