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In our crazy travels we network and meet so many people with so many talents and so much beauty within themselves and their work. This page is simply a collection of that beauty.

On this page...

Starr Pottery

South Central Pennsylvania--Home of Art?? NO WAY!

But it is as we found out when we toured the Starr Pottery Barn located on Rt 194 between Abbottstown and Hanover. Check them out online at
I did get permission to photograph and display their work here, so my personal shots are below.

Somewhere in Pennsylvania...there is a D

Look at the beautiful work this boy does!?

Lynne Rheam

My Aunt Lynne in New Mexico has been a photographer for years and years and captured some amazing shots. We love her and miss her!! And think she should come take some pics of Milwaukee!!

My Aunt and Uncle being cute! Plus check out that sweet bandanna she is wearing--Guess where she got that????

A gorgeous picture from my cousin's wedding

Heather & Shaina
July 4th, 2004

Macyn Taylor Sidewalk Superstar

This 10 year old girl played an amazing set at Childrens Day at the Beans and Barley Open Market...including...
City Of New Orleans--Arlo Guthrie
Brown Eyed Girl--Van Morrison
Dont Think Twice--Bob Dylan
Irish ditty of Tim Finigan
Ripple--Grateful Dead
MargaritaVille--Jimmy Buffet
Crazy--Willie Nelson
Mrs. Robinson--Simon and Garfunkle
Friend of the Devil--Grateful Dead
Here Comes the Sun--The Beatles

Seriously this girl was insane--She used a slide on both banjo and guitar and sang her little heart out!! I have found that she will continue to play at the UW Madison Union Building during Saturday Sunset Celebration on the Terrace (playing by the lake). Also on the 15th she will be performing on stage on the terrace from 5pm to 6pm as part of thier Behind the Beat series.

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