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it was dusty !!!!

and so many people !!!

and a cute rasta bird waiting for ziggy marley

waiting for bobby


Love Peace and Dye gets to go to Bonnaroo!!!!!! So look for us in that crazy crowd and say hello!!!! Also, ANI FUCKING DIFRANCO is playing in Ohio the next week!!!!! See you there!!!!!!!

Corey and Tiffany had a crazy fun time at the 'Roo this year. You can check out the line up at It was raining like the WHOLE time so there was not much selling, but tons of music!!

The first flowers of the summer! Some pretty Daisies and Tigerlilies!!

Of course we saw them while we were waiting in the 6 hour line...

But finally they let us in, and kept us there, by use of these handy fences!!! Seriously, they keep the hippies behind the fence at all times...Dont feed or touch the hippies!!

And of course Donna-LuLu and my bestest tent ever didnt leak one bit in all that rain!

See, Corey had alot of fun!!

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