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Another Eclipse Anyone?
A Wesak Full Moon and Eclipse Note from Norma Gentile

OK, I missed the first eclipse two weeks ago as it was literally eclipsed by
the world attention given that same day to the Pope's funeral. Not surprisingly, the second of the eclipses occurs in a few hours, on Sunday, April 24th,
just before the Installation Mass of the new Pope. (No, I don't think most of the Church hierarchy realizes this, just a handful, and yes, a rift and an emerging New Catholicism movement is possible in 2-3 years time).

The first eclipse was of the sun, the Father, and this one is of the Moon the Feminine. Lunar eclipses occur on full moons. The eclipse is an opening into the shadow of the Divine Feminine we all hold. Usually this takes the form
of heightened sensitivities in emotions and Dream State.

As I write this I can feel the ascension process in the emotional energies which surround me. Ascension meaning arising. That whish we (humanity) are ready to let go of is being pressed upward. It is as if the planet herself was
ready to expel a great weight of now-useless material.

The energies of the eclipse help us open into areas of consciousness where we have created beliefs based on emotions. It is an area little explored by
most of us, and yet it rules how we chose to sculpt our lives. For example, it lets us stand up to false authority, or instead chose to avoid confrontation.
It lets us, as Thoth says,dive into our bodies and engage life as worthy beings. When we hold onto beliefs based on emotions or emotional responses that no longer reflect our lives, we hold ourselves back from divine growth.

As children many people experience times of being over-controlled. There can be a sense of fear that grows from this experience. Fear of not being right (and therefore being controlled more), or fear of not pleasing someone or
fear of not being good enough. The fear is just a way of your body talking through your emotions. Fear is a result of disconnection from Spirit, in this case, your own personal Higher Self or Spirit.

When we are aiming to please another, or fulfill another, we are no longer facing towards our own Spirit and listening to our own spiritual connection.
Oftentimes as children we are given praise for doing just this. As a result, we learn to listen to others, rather than to ourselves.

Our primary connections to spirit are through not just our minds, but through our hearts and bodies as well. Thoth has been teaching me over many months the importance of the body to spirit connection. As an over-educated white
woman, I assumed my body existed to walk my fabulous brain and wonderful voice around in the world. Suddenly, it seems that assumption is erroneous! My body exists to emanate, from every pore and every cell, the living light of who I
AM into the physical plane. All the energy work and spiritual insights mean nothing, without this body as a portal of radiance into physicality.

God (or Spirit or All That Is) has hands upon the earth and breaths through each one of us. As difficult as it is sometimes to be spiritual beings masquerading as human beings, it is a party we all were eager to attend.
And this coming summer brings us more opportunities to join those already on the dance floor, bringing our bodies into alignment with the light that shines through
each of us.

My best blessings to you, on this Wesak Full Moon and eclipse weekend.
-Norma Gentile

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