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Milwaukee Wisconsin
There is only one other place that has made me feel as much at home as this city does, and that is in the Hills of New York. To capture that feeling, the sites and sounds we have been living for the past 2+ years, I would like to present this photo catalog of this city, that created this group, that allowed it to flourish, that I will never forget, that I will always come back to...
Thank you Milwaukee for letting us be....

On this page...

For Keeney

Corey and I took these the other day, in our backyard. Beautiful sunflowers!!!!

The Milwaukee Winter

Tiffany moved here in the winter and let me say the winters here are cold, extremely cold. Snow everyday, wind chills, and lake effects, all add up to these blistering cold sights..

The Move

When Tiffypop first moved to Milwaukee she had the unforturnate experience of renting from a crack dealing slum lord. In August of her first year in town she moved again to a pretty house....with a pretty backyard.

Milwaukee By Bike

Milwaukee has some great paved and dirt bike trails that run around and through the entire city. Not to mention all the bike lanes on all the roads everywhere. One of my favorite things about living here has been biking EVERYWHERE!

Some Sites

What's A Beastie?????

The Lake

why did we leave??

"I'm just trying to evolve..." Back to Top

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