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Jennifer Olenchek is a wonderful organizer and currently holding meetings every six weeks with email announcements in between to combat the ridiculous actions currently being heard in our legislature.
Some of the autrocities are below

Upcoming Meeting!

Stay informed. Speak out. Make a difference!

The next meeting will be on:

Wednesday, May 11th
5:45 p.m.
Planned Parenthood office (302 N Jackson Street)
Pizza and salad will be provided
Agenda topics:
Legislative Update
Prescription Denial Update: Neil Noesen case
Summer Outreach
House Parties
Action Steps & Outreach

Jennifer Olenchek
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin
414.271.8047 x3006
302 N. Jackson, Milwaukee WI 53202

Family Plannin Ban/State Gag Rule: Would eliminate state funding for Planned Parenthood of WI (WHAT???) and other family planning providers who provide patients with the all-options pregnancey counseling, provide information on abortion providers , advocate for reproductive freedom, or offer avortion services of there own using private funds.
Prescription Denial/Denial of Birth Control: Allows pharmacists to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions, and any other prescription, based on religious or moral objections.
If this would become law action against Neil Noesen would not be able to happen. Read more here:
UW Birth Control Ban: Would ban health care providers at the University of WI health centers and on all UW property from advertising, prescribing, or despensing birth countrol to female student, including emergency contraception to rape victims.
A great editorial just published in the JS!! YAY!
And to stay updated on this go to
Teen Endangerment Act: Places young womyn's lives in danger by adding additional barriers, particularly for incest victims,to obtain an abortion
Right to Lie: Allows physicians to intentionally withhold crucial medical information and treatment from pregnant womyn and their families if the physician believes the womyn may choose abortion

The sum total of all of the above is completely discriminatory towards womyn and on top of that is attempting to refuse education for us about our own bodies. By denying doctors the right to tell us ALL our options as well as COUSEL us on them, or at least refer us to a doctor that will, we allow young girls growing up to have no idea about what is actually going on inside of them. By suppressing the truth of our PHYSIOLOGY we let the men of this world throw us back into the stone age regarding our health and understanding of what is happening to our bodies and denys the most natural and important education every young girl needs to prevent her from making life altering mistakes.
On top of the fact that we are overpopulating the
planet like crazy!

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