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A crazy listing of all the musak we love

Special Note
If there is anything worthy of this listing but is not here, please let us know so we can check it out! Simply click "discuss" in the upper right hand corner of the page--it will show up when you scroll your mouse over there!

Historically Speaking...

It has been brought to our attention that we have failed miserably at representing what I consider the most important musical generation to have ever graced us with song. In fact, it is from the absent generation that we stole the spelling of "Musak" for this page! In an attempt to correct this wrong, we bring you the people, who made the music, that brought us to this point. The great voices and words of the 60's and beyond, beginning with my personal favorite, mentor, guru, hero, Jesus....

John Lennon"It matters not Who you love Where you love Why you love When you love Or how you love It matters only that you love."
Janis Joplin"When I'm there, I'm not here.I can't talk about my singing I'm inside it. How can you describe something you are inside of?"
Joni Mitchell "Oh it gets so lonely When you're walking And the streets are full of strangers All the news of home you read More about the war And the bloody changes Oh will you take me as l am? Strung out on another man California I'm coming home"

Live Music Reviews


So, on a hopefully weekly basis, Stephanie and Tiffany are going to freak out some venue in Milwaukee and write a review column about it. Keep in mind neither of us know anything about writing musical reviews, but we do know how to tell you what we think! If you are interested in knowing what it is like to be at a certain venue or see a certain band, but are too pussy to go yourself, stop by the following pages and see if we have done the preliminary work for you!

Yonder Mountain String Band at the Rave 04/28/05
The Sights, Wolfbite, The Danger at Onopa 05/06/05
The Chicken Shack Shakin' Erotica at the Jazz Estate....the other week hehe
Summerfest!! July 1st-10th


Love Peace and Dye's Tiffypop, Sara, and Corey have been traveling through Florida enjoying the sites and sounds! Some of them include....

Sonar Musak at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando 04/20/06
Johnny Dread Music at the Black Sheep Craft Show in Miami 04/29/06

We are working on reformating this into more of a live music review section headed by COREY! We will start having more pictures of our travels, shows, setlists, and tons more...very soon :) So stay posted!!

Folkies... and Friends!

Andrew Bird!!

Melissa Ferrick

Dar Williams

Lucinda Williams

Michelle Shocked

Greg Brown

Vance Gilbert

Ani DiFranco

Jack Johnson

Ben Harper


Sweet Jam Bands!

The Burnin Smyrnans

Crazy Grrrlzz!

Bitch and Animal

Tribe 8


Alix Olson


The Legendary Shack Shakers

The Vegetable Orchestra

What's Left of Punk Rock

The (remaining) Misifits


The Dead Kennedys

Guided By Voices
I had the chance to see these guys in DC--Check out this sexy Bob Pollard!

The Dingleberry Dynasty
I dont know what to say other than I saw these guys once and they completely blew me away!!!! And I pee-ed my pants !!! So if you are in the Baltimore/Dc area(god help you, you poor trapped soul) you should be checking this group out!

The Local Milwaukee Scene

Searching For New Tunes and Not Finding 'Em Here?

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