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Current Work

Love Peace and Dye started very basic, as an inspired movement to recycled and tie dye. We have now grown into an amazing Hemp Goods Creator, a stylish fashion designer, and amazing recycle artists who still love to tie dye! You can find any of our current items for sale on Etsy Alchemy at Below is simply a listing of what all our products are, what they are made from, and why we love them. All of Love Peace and Dye's Merch is handmade by loving artists and crafters !!

Hemp Products

Hemp Animal Collars in a variety of sizes and colors! We use safety release clips for the cat collars (so never use on a leash!) and plastic clips, as well as metal clips and buckles on Dog Collars. Aside from their practicallity, and their hip looks, these collars also are more breathable than a manmade fiber is on an animals skin. Also they are 100% Hemp, and 100% Handmade

Dogs Who Love Our Collars!

And Hemp Collars wouldn't be anything without a matching Leash!! Dog Leashes are 6 feet long and also are decorated with assorted beadery. Our Standard leash is made with 6 strands of 170 test pound hemp, so stability is not really a question! We do make matching sets for dogs, as well as smaller leashes for small dogs, or even cats!

We also make any jewelery under the sun with a combination of our hemp and our imagination! From headbands to anklets and chokers to bracelets, to hair pieces, you can find it here mixed with a variety of glass, stone, porcelain, wood, and pony beads. Some containing handblown glass made locally by our friends like Lucy! Be sure to see more of her work on our group page!

Including Stylish Hempbands!

And you cant Imagine how amazing our hemp Belts are!!!


We use tagless new apparel as well as used clothing. All items such as socks, baby gear, undies, and blanks are purchased new, washed multiple times during the dying process, and never worn. We do offer a "Recycled Dye" which is some awesome item of used clothing found at a thrift store, rummage sale, etc. that we make new again through the art of tie dying! It is ashame to let these used items fill the landfills when they can become such beautiful creations!! Recycled Dyes are generally cheaper than the newer clothing items as well so that is a bonus.

So for all you socially conscious hippie freaks, this is the tie-dye for you!!!

T-shirts in many sizes and colors. The classic tie-dye

We often do large dyes, such as a sheet set or a large tapestry as pictured below

Punk Rock Reverse Dye!

Unfortunately, There are alot of items on this planet that cannot be recycled through tie dye. So we have to do our part in other ways!! We have been experimenting with bleach to strip the color OUT of a piece of merchandise, such as black shirts or jeans. The unique thing about this process is that the item does not have to be a natural fiber!! Our Reverse Dyed Merch is all recycled used apparell, and generally are only $5.00 You know you like that!

Hand-Sewn Merchandise

Swirly Skirts!!
The Original Hippie Skirt!
Crafted from a pattern Tiffany found in her Mother's sewing stuff, these skirts are the ultimate in style and comfort! And totally affordable! They are made with at least two yards of fabric of each pattern chosen. Currently just about all of our stock is made with vintage unique, one-of-a-kind fabric

Love Peace and Dye has been working hard to bring you a wide variety of swirlie skirts!! So here is what we have so far! Check them out and let us know if you like what you see!!!!
All our Skirts fit Womyn Size 0-18!!! All have a drawstring waist band with decorative beads. These beautiful handmade skirts have been double-stitched on every hem to bring you years and years of swirling!!! Prices range from $45-$60 which includes shipping

Asian Paper Lanterns.....................Billy Jean

"Must have Been The Roses".....................Flower Power!

Pretty in Pink.....................Green Garden Sprite

Beige Garden Sprite.....................Aquatic Plaid

Tie-Dyed.....................Jungle Fairie Beige

Green Goddess.....................Jungle Fairie

...Hello Kitty!...

Stephy crafted this tank top up!

And our latest creation--a cute carebear hippie apron top and skirt outfit! Thank you Abby for modeling it so beautifully!

What else can we RECYCLE!?

We Love Making DREADBANDS to hold our locks! In a variety of lengths, widths and colors, made from recycled tees and tie-dyes.

We also use recycled shirts, as well as scraps of hemp and scraps of fabric to make cat nip toys for kitties! They love them and you can feel confident that your pets toys are not adding to the frustration of american landfills!! Currently we are working on a way to make hemp scrap dog ropes....give us time!

Beads and Glasswork!

Lucy Lou does some amazing work that we are currently touring around with. Her rings had a great time at Bonnaroo!!


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