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This page is a collection of amazing resources and links everyone should know and love!!!!
Beginning with an amazing concept in FAITH and RELIGION!!!

The Baha'i Faith

People of all backgrounds, as Baha'is, are striving to develop the potential to rise above the division and prejudice of the world to become lovers of all humankind
Love Peace and DYE met members of this organization at the Lake Worth Earth Day Peace Jam. They raffled off beautiful T-Shirts every hour and had some sweet ones for sale!

To Find out MORE, or to contact a Baha'i Community near you, call 1-800-22-UNITE
To recieve a catalog or other literature, call 1-800-999-9019

Random Rasta Goddess

There is this sweet righteous rasta babe called Ragamufyn that we all need to know and love!!!

She took these sweet pics of me at the Sunday on Sunset in Miami Fair. This is an amazing top and I love it!!

Punk You Inc

Check out these crazy crafty grrrls out of florida! They have some sweet merch at great prices for the punk in us all

an Index of Swaps

Stop Supporting the March Of Dimes!

Love Peace and DYE has been saying this for years, and finally we have some NON-PETA information to claim the abuses from. This is simply a protest against animal experimentation and cruelty.

Did you know March of Dimes uses YOUR donations to Fund Cruel and Unnecessary Animal Experiments??? Kittens, birds, lambs, monkeys, ferrets, mice...each year the March of Dimes wastes millions of dollars funding cruel animal experiments. You may have heard of the March of Dimes experimenter who sewed shut the kittens;eyes, or the experimenters who gave cocaine or alcohol to innocent animals. Recent experiments funded by the March of Dimes include severely dehydrating pregnant sheep in an attempt to study adult human health problems like hypertension, and tethering pregnant monkeys by their uteruses in cages smaller then federal guidelines recommend. Despite the millions of dollars spent and millions of animals killed, the incident rates of many birth defects remain on the rise.

How You Can Help
Want to reform birth defect research??
For a list of local and national March of Dimes Sponsors, along with suggestions for sharing your concerns with them.
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
5100 Wisconsin Ave NW Ste 400
Washington, DC 20016

Sacred Earth Network
"Sacred Earth Network (SEN) is a non-profit (501(C)(3)) international organization located in Petersham, Massachusetts. SEN strives to empower people to work in defense of the biosphere and to create a sustainable culture. Our activities are rooted in two core beliefs:
that all of Nature is sacred and must be treated with respect and honor, and
that humanity must quickly restructure its relationship with the miraculous, interconnected living system that is our Earth.

North Americans, however, appear to be lost in a trance of popular culture that ignores the sacredness of Nature and the critical issues of the day. Our "economic interests" completely disregard disappearing species, climate change, radioactive waste, and the whole plethora of threats to the biological foundation of Planet Earth. Correspondingly, a certain socialized numbness, denial, and resignation can plague even the most active among us.
"Medicine" is needed. To this end, we have been leading workshops, expeditions, and indigenous peoples exchanges that help both seasoned activists, and those just beginning to realize our interdependency, to practice ways of re-connecting and plugging in with renewed vigor.

A Party with A Purpose

Green Festival Brings Together Community, Likeminded Leaders and Businesses in Celebration of Sustainable Economy, Ecological Balance and Social Justice

Womyn Need Coffee

Fair Trade, Organic, Flavors, Beanwear

These womyn we met in Florida--Miami Side--Pictures to come soon!

Earthly Pleasues Soaps and Scents

All Handmade, All Natural, out of Homestead Florida'
Earthly Pleasures Handmade Soap combines the best grade Olive oil, Palm oil, Coconut oil, and Castor oil the finest grade Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Vitamin E with the powerful essential oils wich benefit the body through the senses when asorbes through the skin. Our Soaps are wonderfully rich with a lovely lather --We use no animal producs and our soaps are environmentally friendly. Sodium hydroxide is used for saponification.

Tiffypop can attest that the Oatmeal Soap is AMAZING!!!!

Contact Earthly Pleasures at
Fax: 305-258-3392


and other awsome all natural products made with love by Jo!
Joie Grrl Herbal Essentials
contact her by e-mail at:
Sara and Tiffypop met this beautiful lady at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival!!! She was a volunteer as well, and just amazingly wonderful!!!!! And on top of that she makes the SWEETEST Natural Grrl Products ever, made with ALL NATURAL HEMPSEED OIL!! The All Natural Bug Brew (which we are totally loving) is available in stick or spray lotion. We went for the stick and it is great, but now we are needing the lotion!!!
She also makes herbal/essential oils lotions, soaps (bars & liquids that foam), lip balm, massage oils, and salt scrubs! ALL MADE WITH HEMPSEED OIL...all natural ingredients!

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