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December Spirit Signs by Robyn Johnston

Happy Holidays Spirit Travelers! Tis the season for gift
giving. Have you remembered your wants and desires, as
you’ve shopped for others on your list? It is very
important to take the time to identify what it is that you
most! want and then, allow yourself to receive it. “Great”,
you say, “How is it that I can get what I want”? The steps
are quite simply really. However, the time you may need to
invest in the steps could take a bit, depending on the
layers that you have created.

Are you ready to get started then?

First, in order to really have what you want, you must
believe that it is possible. If you could snap your fingers
right now and fully bring this into the physical world,
what would it look like? Take a bit of time to go within.
Ask yourself, “Do I believe that I can hav! e this?” In
your heart of hearts, do you feel this is attainable? This
feeling of belief can be “faked” in the beginning, but once
you start to uncover some of the underlying beliefs, there is a point when you will know if this desire is something
that truly serves you and your spirit. If this item is
something the ego wants, but the spirit isn’t in alignment
with (or vice versa) then you’ll have a more difficult time
of bringing what it is you want through to the physical
realm. So yes, you can have everything and anything, but it
must be in total alignment with you on all levels in order
for the object or situation to manifest in the physical

The next step is to give yourself permission to have the
object, be or do what it is that you desire. This may sound
too! easy, but there are often underlying programs or
deeply ingrained beliefs within the psyche that block and
impede progress we feel we want to make. Sometimes in the
rush to create what we want, we forget the important act of
checking in with ourselves and affirming that it is ok to
have that which we most desire. Sometimes we have to slow
down enough to tell our body/mind/spirit that it is safe
for us to have what we wish for. Often this is where fear
comes in. The pesky little feeling is actually a powerful
monster that festers from all the negative thoughts we’ve
harbored during our lives. It can disguise itself as a
little twinge, but once you start uncovering some of the
underlying issues, it can and often will rear its ugly
head. However, the “fear monster” is short lived when you
slay it with simple truths, and learn to shift your focus
and perspectives. Even though we may think we really want
something, deep down we might feel that we are not worthy,
or we may worry that i! t will have a negative effect on

someone else. Fear can appear in a myriad of “thoughts”,
often without us being consciously aware of it.

You are the single most important person in your life. True
story. Even if you share your home with others that are
dependent on you, your needs are important. This includes
needs and wants. No one else knows just what you need nor
do they know the way to meet this as efficiently as you
(and your spirit team) do! Many of us deny our desires,
hopes and dreams because they might be inconvenient for
others. Getting clear on what you would like to manifest
and why is important, but equally so is allowing yourself
to have what it is YOU want. Check to see if there are any
feelings of guilt. If so, you’ve identified a bump in the
road. Ge! t out your shovel and begin work to excavate this
feeling. Understand it by finding the roots. Look deeply at
your inner programs. Often this is the step where people
choose to either continue in creating what they desire or
settle for mediocrity. Some people feel that it is
impossible to get what they really want; they feel destined
to be poor, or stuck in an unsupportive relationship. The
truth is, we’ve created the life we live because of the
choices we’ve made. We can create our ideal life at
anytime, simply by being aware of our inner thoughts and
releasing those that are not 100% supportive of who we want
to be and what we want to do. If you don’t like where you
are at in your life right now, you can change it by taking
responsibility for your thoughts and become more aware of
the underlying beliefs that are creating your reality.
Inevitably this may invite changes into one’s life. This is
why asking for and receiving permission from the inner self
is important. As changes ! ensue, you’ll be assured that
these are necessary and supportive and you leave behind the
old and embrace the new. Changes must be viewed as just
that………….changes, neither good nor bad, just necessary. If
you fear change, asking for and receiving permission to
change your life will feel beneficial to you.

Many of us are walking around with programs that we’ve
either taken on or been given from an early age. I compare
with wearing “spiritual hand-me-downs”! Not many of us
would relish the idea of walking around in the old sneakers
or jeans from a sibling when we are 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60
something. No, most of the time we are mature enough to buy
our own clothes, we would refuse to wear outdated discards
from an older brother or sister, especially if the item no
longer ! fit us or was uncomfortable. Yet, that is how many
of us live our lives each day, walking around with the old
thoughts and programs we were given as children, young
people or even adults. Sometimes these programs are even
enhanced through the media, such as news broadcasts and
medical journals.

It is important to realize that you do not have to continue
playing these programs. You are free at any time to choose
your own truth and decide what is correct for you. Let’s
take the scenario of a young man who grew up in a home that
was ultra-conservative and was programmed to think that he
had to work very hard to earn a living, because money
doesn’t come easily. As he worked his way through college,
most of the time he didn’t have enough money to even eat
but somehow got by. ! He stayed in the pattern of believing
that money was hard to come by. He sets up this reality in
his adult life, now attracts situations and experiences
that support the idea that money is hard to come by. He
knows this is real too, he sees the stack of bills on the
table, he has collection agents leaving phone messages, he
receives no recognition for the amount of hours he puts in
at his job and there are no raises to convince him
otherwise. He lives his belief that money is hard to come
by and he has to work hard to make ends meet.

Let’s take another young man is raised in a similar
program. However we’re going to say that there was a shift
somewhere along the way, perhaps in his adult life. It
could be an illness or accident that made him stop and
shift his perspectiv! e. It might have been coming to
awareness of something missing or not in balance in his
life, or the subtle tugs of spirit getting stronger and
clearer. The other young man probably had these too, but
because he was so tied into his program, it was more
difficult for him to focus elsewhere.

This man decides on a fishing trip that life is just too
short. He’s tired of working so hard and never having
enough to money to do what he enjoys. He knows in his
spirit there is something more so he chooses to start
exploring. He might start taking a class or reading books
that look interesting. At some point, let’s say he hears
something like the information being given here. He
realizes that he’s been living a program that really isn’t
his, he’s been following beliefs that he doesn’t really
believe at the soul level. He starts to re-evaluate his
life. He notices that he doesn’t really enjoy! his work as
a mechanic. Its not that fulfilling, he’s not able to
breathe and realizes that it no longer supports him
spiritually and emotionally. However, it does help to
support him financially. This man begins to look deep
within, to identify his passions and what he does enjoy. He
wonders how he can do what he loves and earn a living. Is
this possible? More work is needed for him to believe this
can actually happen. As a couple of years pass, he realizes
that indeed it is possible. A plan is made, as he continues
to strengthen from within. He affirms that he is in a
career that is supportive on all levels, one that he can
enjoy and still earn a living with. When the time is
auspicious, he leaves his job with the highest of
integrity. He’s been exploring and building all this time.
In fact he’s shifted his thoughts and beliefs so well that
he now has a job waiting for him. Since he loves to fish
and be in the outdoors, he created his o! wn business as a
fishing guide. He knows that money is a reflection of his
inner thoughts and beliefs. He gave himself permission to
do what he loved, faced the fear involved with making
change and opened up to following a new path, creating new
supportive programs for his life. He now lives a life that
is exactly what he’s always dreamed of. Work doesn’t seem
like “work” because he does what he loves. The stress once
associated with not having enough money has been totally
replaced with the BELIEF that “money comes easily and there
is always plenty of it”! Each day is a joy because he’s
living his dream and in return he is able to share his
time, talents and service with others who appreciate him
and are ready to learn from him.

Does this sound too good to b! e true? It is not. It may
sound familiar to some reading this! Actually the later is
based on my own life story. In fact, I couldn’t be typing
these words if I had not lived this myself. My current
reality is an accumulation of all the research and insight
I have encountered and applied during the past ten years.
Monumental changes weren’t made overnight, rather they were
invited by continuously affirming that I AM (already)
living my ideal life. By being open to where I was being
guided to go, identifying who was there to teach me, what I
needed to learn and most of all releasing the fear involved
with moving forward, appeared to propel me forward. The
very same can happen for you! My situation is certainly not
isolated; it is unique to my spirit, just as yours will be
for you!

The next important step is to see yourself, having, being
or doing what it is that you really love and really want.
For this to be really effective, you’ll want to practice
your visualization skills or spiritual seeing abilities.
Also be sure to include the five senses. What does this
object look like? Feel like? Taste like? Sound like? Smell
like? Go within and create an image of this ideal scene.
You may spend a few minutes a day visualizing this. As you
do, you send energy to this image. The stronger you focus
on this image, the more positive energy you send its way.
Notice the clarity that comes through when you spend
time “imagining” your desire being met in full.

Affirm that you have just what you want. Write a statement
written with only positive words in the present tense, as
if it is here now. It is too! Remember there is a bit of
lag time in manifestation! Repeating the key word often
will help to reinforce your belief and help to remind
yourself that this is here now, ready for you. It also
reprograms your thoughts and beliefs on the innermost

Practice, practice, practice! The more deeply ingrained
your belief is about what you are trying to change, the
more attention you will need to bring to your deprogramming
skills. It takes constant, conscious awareness to recognize
the stray thoughts that need to be released. Also it is a !
good idea to start with small items that you would like to
manifest. This helps to create a solid base and gives
confidence when you begin working with larger goals, such
as career changes, health shifts and relationships.

Establish reference points. I like to keep a journal of
times when I have brought through something I was
intending. One can look back to these times and identify
the thoughts and perceptions that were positive and
helpful. Notice your mindset and beliefs during times when
things have gone your way. What were your thoughts? How was
your energy? What signs did you receive? These can be of
great assistance in building your confidence, especially
when it appears to be delayed.

Finally, celebrate! This is a vital step in manifesting
what you really want. Notice the stepping stones that fall
in place from the beginning of your journey to the point of
your destination. These are not stones that you place,
often they are the thoughts, programs and beliefs that fall
into place as you beliefs come into alignment with your
higher self and your divine path. Be aware of the
confirmations that you receive that your energy is going in
the right direction. For example, the desire to have a new
home may require the selling of the current one. Once the
home is on the market, celebrate! This is a step in the
right direction. It is here that one offers the intention
that “just the right buyer” emerges or that “a qualified
buyer” is making an offer now.” Celebration needs to occur
often. It shouldn’t be saved for the end. It is one of !
the driving forces that propels the positive energy forward
and encourages one’s desire to emerge into the physical
realm. Celebration is essential to honor what is working in
your thoughts, beliefs and inner programming. As you
celebrate these accomplishments, you’ll find your
perception change and you’ll be attracting more and more of
the positive situations you desire.

Remember to focus on only what you desire. When you look at
situations that reinforce that your desires aren’t being
met, this is what you will be calling to you. Dismiss the
tendency to look what’s not working. This is a dead-end,
and will only lead you to frustration. Feelings of anger,
depression, disbelief, low confidence, are sure signs that
you’ve take n a detour. To get back on the ri! ght path,
reaffirm that what you want is here now. Visualize your
ideal scene and send your thoughts and energy to this. Be
firm that you are only receiving exactly what you want.

Be aware of your mind chatter. Some of the people I work
with are amazed at how limiting their beliefs really are!
This requires one to stop and listen. Observe. Taking the
time to be conscious of your thoughts often brings
essential enlightenment! There is much to learn under the
surface of the conscious mind.

In summary, these ar! e the basic steps of manifestation.
There is no time limit and moving through the steps will be
entirely up to you and your higher self. Though many of us
feel impatient in bringing desires forward, know that each
will progress at the rate that is perfect for him/her.

For those interested in having guidance in this area, I
offer private consultations to assist clients in
understanding what the energy is for the month and where
their ki energies lie; what themes of support and challenge
they can expect as they tune in to follow their divine
path. I am also designing a Manifestations Class for both
in person and on-line students. These will be available
around February 2006. There is a possibility that workshops
will a! lso be offered throughout the year. Give yourself
or someone special the gift of clarity this holiday season!
Prices are available upon request!

My specialty is to help others find their path, identifying
just what they want to be, have, and do. This might mean
finding a different career, a new relationship, better
health, more money! What I offer will not necessarily make
the path easier; that is up to you and your higher self. It
can be as smooth or rough as you choose to make it. I can’t
tell you exactly how things will turn out, because we each
have free will and a barrage of choices to make each
minute, so there are actually a myriad of possibilities. I
can however, guide and assist you in applying the
techniques that I have used to create the life I have, ! a
life that I dearly love and enjoy each day. Once you know
the techniques and can fully incorporate them into your
being, the navigation becomes much easier. We don’t have to
know the answer the moment a question pops up. We can learn
to be ok with not knowing every detail and enjoy the way
that the answer aligns and forms within our heart and
spirit. In this way, our lives become an orchestration of
light, love, peace, joy, harmony and balance. We no longer
have to search for what is missing as we know all that we
ever needed and wanted was within us from the beginning.

Happy Holidays and Happy Trails!

Robyn Johnston is a professionally certified Feng Shui
consultant. After a nine year teaching career in public
school, she now teaches students of all ages how to
maintain clarity and balance in every day life. She
operates her conscious living consulting business from her
home near Maywood, NE. Robyn offers unique readings and
healing sessions to motivate and inspire others to find
peace, balance, harmony and health. To schedule a session
or inquire about other services, she can be reached at

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