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Trashion is Fashion

Love Peace and Dye has long proclaimed the need for crafters and consumers alike to be conscious of their waste and reuse all you can. Now this concept has taken on a new description beyond the well known chant of "reduce reuse recycle!"

Love Peace and Dye has had our shop on since march of '06, and now we are part of some new and exciting Steet Teams!! So we are dedicating this page to the Trashion concept, as well as these teams! Feel free to contact us for any discussion on just about anything! In the upper right hand corner of this page and every page on our website you can click 'discuss' and leave what you have to say! More importantly, please think about this new word 'trashion' and how you can utilize it today!

Eco-Etsy Street Team

from the street team profile on

Eco Etsy is a group of like minded people who are coming together to spread the word about reducing, reusing and recycling. We concentrate on educating other Etsyians to be more aware of the waste we create when packaging our items and therefore offer tips and tricks to help other members create a greener way of life in there shops and in there personal lives. EcoEtsy is different from the Trashion Street team in that it focuses on reuse and recycling on the business side of Etsy, rather than in crafting. EcoEtsy and Trashion plan to collaborate at times, and will likely share many members.

Trashion Street Team

From the street team profile on

Etsy Trashion Team is about visualizing beauty in unconventional objects and materials. It fabricates art, jewelry, fashion and objects for the home from used, thrown-out & found elements. Trashion is a philosophy and an ethic. It encompasses environmentalism and innovation, and respects the human creative and healing potential. Making traditional objects out of recycled materials can be trashion. Making avant-garde fashion out of cast-offs or junk can be trashion.

Etsy Trashion Team Links


Pauliina's a DIY artist and craftsperson, who's also a freelance journalist and a cultural studies scholar. She loves trash, thrift and paint. She is involved in a WeAr DIY -trashion project in her home country, Finland, and will her best in making ethical, ecological, empowering, equalitarian aesthetics the way to be.

love peace and dye!

Other Online Shop? look for us and other trashion artists at

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