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tiffypop, corey, and laura traveled to vermont for this great festival, to see TWIDDLE, and be attacked by a RagaMufyn...Thank you Vermont!!

Love Peace and Dye Raffled off one of our Listings -- a recycled camping chair shopping bag tote !! there are more for sale online -- this sweetie loved hers !

and then there was a RagaMufyn ( and i cannot tell you how much we love and missed her !!


July 15th and 16th in Tinmouth VT
Love Peace and DYE and Twisted Sister Crafts were out Promoting and checking out Dar Williams, and learning about Solar Energy!

"On a beautiful July weekend, several thousand people come to SolarFest to join a weekend community. We're inspired by art and technology, by the talent and ability of all the diverse individuals who make the festival (many of the volunteers have been doing this for over a decade), to create a place where learning and fun thrive. Here are some of the reasons people come: Bonfire art. Woodland art. The annual rain (and rainbow!). Dancing to great music. Singing late into the night. Discovery through world class workshops. Fabulous food. Meeting happy people. Networking. Communicating. Energizing."

"I'm just trying to evolve..." Back to Top

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