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Yonder Mountain String Band

@ The Rave 04/28/05

First, lets mention that we know the Rave is the worst venue to support in town!

But with the handy-dandy free admission + 2 drink tickets, who wouldn't see a show there!!!????!!!!

I must rant just this once that unless you are actively working to procure another venue for these bands to play at, you need to suck it up and support the band that is out there playing. If you dont, they wont come to town and I personally would rather see shows in the Rave than all the way in Madison all the time!
But, all that aside, on to the show. The band gets four and a half gold stars for simply starting on time YAY!!!!!
Plus they played a rocking 2 set show complete with bluegrass and crazy hippies contra-dancing! One of the band members mother was in the audience so we had to say hi to her four times! But again, it was great and the hippie crowd was great and considerate too.
However there were bad times, like the ego-centric bouncer on the balcony--well i assume he was a bouncer, not like he was wearing Rave apparel or anything, but he was a dick like all bouncers are so....must have been a bouncer. And of course the uppity whities that could afford balcony seating had to prove that they shouldnt have been at the show by showering the lower awesome hippie crowd with beer and cigerattes--yes, burning cigerattes! Why these people bother wasting their money is beyond me-personally i think the money would be better spent on a hummer or SUV that they can then smash into some republican home and hopefully never walk away from...
Again, the band was amazing and well worth seeing, jamming to old dead tunes and beautiful beatles covers, particularly Northern Song...mmmm we miss you george harrison!!!

I'd have to agree with Tiffy on this one. Yonder put on an amazing show: the tunes were great (especially the cover of "Crazy Train!") Between the energy packed bluegrass and the intoxicated hippies and their crazy groovin', you couldn't help but dance and have a great time.
Unfortunatly, as Tif said before, the Rave sucks! It would have been way cool to see Yonder playing in some field as opposed to the asshole bouncer filled Rave...(which usually has terrible acoustics that actually weren't to bad this time.) However, the bouncers seemed to feel the need to exhibit their authority by dragging kids out by their t-shirts. I'm sorry but no matter what the reason, there is no need for that (it's not like these kids were advicating for a mass riot or anything.) Now, I understand the need to hold up some standard rules, but when you see the bouncers dragging a kid across the floor by her shirt, while she is trying to get up and walk you really have to wonder...
But hopefully in the next year or so Milwaukee will see the introduction of a House of Blues as has been rumored. Then maybe we can start supporting the artists we love without supporting evil places like the Rave!

Band **** and a half
Venue ** --free admission, leinies red, horrible bouncers

The Sights, Wolfbite, The Danger

@ Onopa Brewing Company 05/06/05


So steffanies cutie boy Anthony paid the cover for us all and I just need to take a moment to say thank you!! That was soooo sweet. Onopa is one of my fave bars in town simply because of the space it offers--You can cram a pile of people in here, but on this night, it was not that crammed. The Danger was ok, but I kept picturing the kids as stupid frat boys by day, so that kinda turned me off to the sound. they did play one fun as shit song, but it was the only song they played that sounded like that...And then Wolfbite was freaking awesome--they had the vibe I get from seeing Jerry Only and the Misfits now--not sure why, something about the heavy sound. I would have loved to see these guys at the cactus club or someplace where a raging circle pit was going on! I hear you can circle pit at Onopa, but no one was this night, and I didnt want to be the first to be thrown out for trying! But then I left so I saw no "sights" HA!


Despite Onopa's slightly expensive cover (which as Tiffy mentioned my cutie who was visiting from Az. took care of,) this was a good show. We got to Onopa half way through The Danger's set. From what I saw of these guys, they are talented, but sound pretty much like a lot of "So. Cal." wanna be bands that I have heard. Wolfbite on the other hand made the night. With their awsome stage presence and upbeat heave rocky/punk sound, they put on a fucking good show. Finally we had The Sights. To be honest, by this point of the evening I was pretty intoxicated, thanks to my friend Bob who was bartending (and who loves Irish whiskey as much as I do) as well as Onopa's awsome beer selection. So...I really don't remember what The Sight's were about, but I don't remember them sucking, so that's probably a good sign.


The Danger-**
The Sights-?????
Onopa-****and a half---great beer selection (from Blatz to microbrews) lots of room, good acoustics, awesome bartenders, :)kind of expensive cover ($10)

The Chicken Shack Shakin Erotica

@the Jazz Estate every Tuesday


Ok so this crazy conglomeration of characters plays at the Estate every Tuesday. The Estate is a decent sized bar for Milwaukee, totally smoky and totally loud, but where isnt? The best thing about this show aside from the BAND is that there is no cover charge!!!!! Free Show!!! So the Jazz Estate totally gets 4 and a half gold stars for that. And the band is an ever changing, ever renaming group that freakin jams out with their cocks out if you will...The highlight of the evening, aside from seeing steffy and all my girls, was the saxaphonist---amazing work man!!!!! mmmmmm yummy....

Michelle Shocked

@ Summerfest


In Stephanies absents I thought I would write about the Awesome Michelle Shocked show Sara, Corey, and I saw Saturday!! Michelle was amazing she has a great stage presence, and has soooo much fun with the crowd! Even the weirdo drunks that were at summerfest. She definately fit into the vibe of summerfest we the drunks just want to rock out. From amazing Latin rhythms to her blues she truly keep the crowd alive! I personally enjoyed hearing the spanish songs and listening to the stories of LA she had to share. We love you Michelle Shocked!!!!
Oh and she also signed at the stage at the end of the show--Way to be true!

Sonar Musak

@ Hard Rock Cafe Orlando
This was our communal fave band of the evening at the 4:20 Spectacular presented by
The bands' website is
We purchased a CD and hope to hear them playing out soon. Also we would highly recommend attending an event presented by Jambando!!! It was too much fun and the Hard Rock Staff was great!!!!

SJohnny Dread Music

@ Castle Yoga in Miami
Johnny Dread and his delightful Family are just amazing--And though he didnt perform, I would still recommend checking out his shows!!!

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