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The Evolution of Love Peace and Dye;as written by TiffyPop

Love Peace and Dye is a business like no other, in that my one hope for all that we do, is that we inspire someone else out on this planet to realize the ever present power of their dollar-how they spend it, what they are supporting. Every dollar spent on Love Peace and Dye and our merchandise goes directly to making more items, and to making this world a more sustainable place. This idea started in alot of different ways. From realizing how much stuff around the house we can make into newer and cooler stuff, to locating places to get recycled goods. Love Peace and Dye is always trying new and creative ways to recycle the products we have into the products we want. By paying attention to this, and to where we spend our money, we start to hold the power of Our dollar in Our own hands. We dont HAVE to support sweatshop labor and cruel and inhumane working and labor conditions. We dont HAVE to support republican run businesses. We dont HAVE to do anything this society tells us to do in order to live and survive. What we do Have to do is make a place for us and those who think like us. A place for peace and recycled products !! A place for sustainablility and ethics in all forms of business. We just have to stand proud and make this place! I firmly believe that any business can do its job and survive in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. More than that, I believe we should EXPECT this consciousness in all forms of business. So lets start standing up and demanding it!!!

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