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Love Peace and DYE!

Kefir And Friends

Our Experience with Kefir

A couple of months ago Monkey's Mom sent her out some Kefir Grains, or brains, which ever you prefer. While she is in germany Tiffany is Kefir sitting which in turn creates a need for her to do something with all this Kefir!!
Tiffy*pop*'s Experience with Kefir
Most of the information I have learned about Kefir comes from this website
Kefir is a crazy thing and produces like crazy!! Currently I am experimenting with cheese and fruit smoothies.

Soon to be a Love Peace and Dye smoothie recipe!!

Until then, I would like to share Sara's Moms thoughts on
Kefir Pancakes!

  • Kefir seems to work with both "from scratch" and mix pancakes. Simply add equal parts of wet and dry, plus and egg or two. You can also use Half Kefir and Half applesauce as your one part wet and enjoy an apple pancake--Sounds Yummy!!
    • Also Try Pumpkin or Bananna Pancakes with nuts and spices!

  • A great Kefir Drink is a simple mix of Kefir and sugarless coffee syrup

  • Kefir can be used instead of buttermilk in pancakes, biscuits, coffecakes and sourdough!

Thanks Monkey's Mom!!

Another good site:

Recipes - How best to ingest the Kefir

Holy Kefir Grains Monkey!
''What to do when you have tooo many kefir grains and no one to give them to......EAT THEM!

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