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Love Peace and DYE!

Milwaukee Girls

Our Friends and Family mean everything to us, and unfortunately we had to leave some of them in Milwaukee! The girls below filled each and every one of our days in the gray city with sunshine and smiles. I can honestly say that it felt like home because of them, and that they are some of the most wonderful and creative people i have ever met.

I am sure we will meet again soon!!!!

It hurts to be without anyone that you love, and it hurts not to live your life so that you can stay close to them, we all have that decision to make for ourselves.....but that doesnt change the fact that



----->Crazy Girl Steph!

Tie Dyed Freak!

Photography for Sale
Stephanie is a Photographer at heart as well and has some beautiful black and white pieces...

----->Our Lady Abigail


New Year's Eve

Abby in Milwaukee!!

Abby in Germany

Abby on a scooter!

Halloween 2004

Winter Solstice 2003

Halloween 2003
as Medusa!

----->Foxy Roxy!

where are you going?

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