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Love Peace and DYE!

Sara Schueneman

Monkey Monkey

"when i look around
i think this, this is good enough
and i try to laugh
at whatever life brings
cuz when i look down
i just miss all the good stuff
and when i look up
i just trip over things"
-ani d.

"far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person."
-Gloria Steinem

"[A]nyone in a state of seeking can never be happy. Only those who are constantly finding are fulfilled. And finding is not something that happens to us - it is something we do."
-Alan Cohen

These adorable babies are my neices and nephew..... Alex, Kathryn, Elisabeth...

Ready for those pictures from Germany?

Check 'em out...




Gießen again


we also spent a lot of time on trains and buses...

Trains and Buses


NewYears2007 Check out what we were up to this time...

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