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We Love to Share Pictures of our Work in Action!! If you have purchased something and have a picture to share, please email us!

On this page...

Girls in Hippie Dresses!

Dogs and Cats in Hemp Collars!

The owner of these beautiful Italian Greyhounds was absolutely blown away amazed at the cutie collars we make! So much so that she requested a custom made collar that we whipped up for her within an hour. Now these little babies are sporting hemp summer collars!

And as if the collar purchase above wasnt enough, this beautiful pooch actually saught out our stand after being refered to us by those two cute woofers! When pooch and mom arrived, they were wearing an Earth Dog "hemp" collar and were shocked to find out their collar was not 100% hemp! That is right, Earth Dog's trim is not a hemp trim!! Course you wont find that information anywhere on their site!

"I have been wearing cotton all this time???"

In Bayview, this cute 12 year old Ruby walked home with a nice black collar!!

love notes...

"Heeey! OMG I just got the little package you sent me. Thank you its soooo cute. How do you manage to come up with all those cute things all the time?? well i guess thats what you do." -Anna

"let me know if you are interested! we'd love to have some of your stuff!

in other news.....
you rock the hizzouse...

"I got the skirt today and it is awesome! I can't wait to go thru all the cards - I really love the button bracelet! Thanks so much - you really made my day!-L

"i love your work, i couldnt ask for better!"-KK

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